Prosperity in human society is misunderstood. The difference between a rich and poor society is the number of problems that society solves for its citizens.

Nick Hanauer

Essential Capital is an early stage venture fund. We invest in companies with a mission to fight humanity’s biggest challenges and ignite the transformation of society. Our thesis centers on the largest existential threats, which can be broadly categorized as three areas of focus: Economic Inequality, Security + Privacy, & Climate Change. These threats are interlinked, increasingly severe, and represent urgent opportunities for founders.

In an era where progressivism has come under new attack, it is now more important than ever for investment to be directed towards entrepreneurs who possess both the capacity and intent to build companies that will bring systemic change to society. We back startups who share our belief that technological and economic advancement should be shared – benefiting not just the few, but the many.

Photo of high-rise inequality

A disparity so great that it threatens to undermine democracy and social progress. In the United states the wealthiest 400 have more than the bottom 150 million.

Economic Inequality
FinTech, HR Tech, EdTech
Photo of cyber surveillance satellites

Whether it’s the threat of terrorism, hackers breaching the power grid, or surveillance – security & privacy are cornerstone to a functioning democratic society.

Security + Privacy
Cyber Security & Privacy Tools

One of the most highly charged existential threats to humanity: environments that can no longer sustain living standards, forcing mass migrations & famine.

Climate Change
Sustainability & Advanced Energy

How We Help

Go-To-Market Strategy

The first customers are always the hardest to get. We’re here to help you build and implement robust inbound/outbound sales processes supported by demand generation and growth marketing campaigns.

Engineering & Architecture

Choosing the right tech stack is critical to avoiding uncessary technical debt. We’re technically minded and will enthusiastically debate with you the pros and cons of different languages and frameworks.

Talent Recruiting

For early stage companies, team composition is everything. Whether you’re in need of technical or business talent, we’ll leverage our networks to help you find well qualified cultural fits. Bonus: no recruiting fee!